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About Us at Ruling Cats and Dogs

  Our bell grande cheese, head honcho and big little guy. We all look up to Mick, and Mick looks up to us (literally). Being the Big Kahuna in a company as large as this is dog eat dog, so Mick has to, of course, have a bite bigger than his bark.

Commentaries from the Editor
A pets point of view on relative issues.

Thom I. M. Cat
  Second in command, Thom is the more laid back type. Seen here lounging around the office in his pajamas, Thom always has time to answer some questions. Even if he doesn't know the answers.
  If he's not sleeping, or lounging, or resting, or dreaming, or relaxing, he's probably just reminiscing.   Don't get us wrong, Thom's been around. He stepped on a record player once, while it was turning, and he went around and around.

Harold and Maude
  Our main researchers, with over 20 years experience (in pet years of course). In this picture Harold and Maude just completed their trip to the veterinarians office to answer some questions for you. It's never
easy, even when you don't need treatment.

A freelance reporter with over 12 years of digging up dirt on the pet side of life. Being the type of dog that likes to bury his nose in his work, Lucky has had to deal with his share of bumps and bruises. We're still looking for him.

Lost Dog

  We caught Sheena, in the lounge just after a big meeting with the executive bankers. We depend on her to implement a regimented structure of who's who around here. Having total control over all
operations and final decisions where a cut-throat attitude is needed. Never having being de-clawed Sheena is a very worthy adversary when it comes to slicing unnecessary body parts, and scratching the surface of problems in the office. We're all scared!

Lewis & Clark
  Lewis the photographer gets his ear chewed off from our ace reporter Clark, "No more spilt milk shots!"
  Sometimes Lewis and Clark have to travel great distances to find their stories. From the Arctic to Atlanta, they're on an expedition to find more pet paraphernalia.


Here we are, it's plain to see.
We're the pets, that have been freed.
To be the best, that we can be.
To join an online family.
So now we run, this awesome site.
And if we must, we'll stay all night.
So you know, the facts are right.
And hopefully, we will not fight.
By: Mick
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   Nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.