A celebrity cat game with famous movie felines, well known TV kitties, pet questions and answers plus funny kitty trivia to try.
Celebrity Cat Game
#1 What is the famous Garfield's least favorite food?
A) Brussels sprouts B) Cat Food C) Raisins D) Eel

#2 What's Garfield's favorite movie?
A) Old Yeller B) That Darned Cat C) Cat People
D) Of Mice and Men

#3 How many Morrises (9 Lives cat) have there been?
A) 1 just for fun          B) 2 to entertain you
C) 3 that you can see D) 4 there are no more

#4 Socks was the "First Cat", but which president's daughter owned the previous White House cat?
A) George Bush B) Abraham Lincoln C) Jimmy Carter
D) Ronald Reagan

#5 Name the Disney movie about a crime-solving Siamese cat.
A) That Darn Cat           B) Pet Detective
C) The Siamese Falcon D) The Cat From Outer Space

#6 What's the name of  Data's cat on Star Trek?
A) Garfield B) Tigger C) Whiskers D) spot

#7 This cartoon cat's favorite expression is "Heavens to Murgatroyd!".
A) Snagglepuss B) Sylvester C) Cool Cat D) Yogi

#8 In what series of movies is the head of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. seen carrying a cat?
A) James Bond B) Matt Helm C) Mission Impossible
D) Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

#9 Name The Cat In "The Cat From Outer Space"?
A) Astro B) Matt Helm C) Jake D) Sylvester

#10 In the movie Austin Powers, Dr. Evil has a white cat (like the Bond movies). What's this cats' name.
A) Mrs. Buttersworth B) Mr. Butterfinger
C) Mr. Bigglesworth    D) Mr.Big


I got every trivia
question wrong

A Kitty Ditty

-Celebrity cats, don't ever chase rats
-We sleep until noon, and we're fed with a spoon
-It's a cats life indeed, when sleep is your speed
-And all that you know, is to cuddle and roll.