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Cats Health Tips

Dental Information
  Studies show that 70 percent of cats show signs of gum disease by age three. Symptoms include yellow and brown buildup of tartar along the gum-line, red inflamed gums and persistent bad breath.

Feline Diets
 Each cat will have their own taste, this is just one of our ways to annoy you. Make sure our food is approved by the local Veterinary Association (it will be stamped with a seal on bag or can).

  Ask your vet about many good brands are not registered yet. What types of food do we need? Well, on each can or bag of pet food there should be a label saying for kittens, adult cats, seniors, and overweight cats too. Lately some of the better brands have put out kibbles and wet food for fur ball control, tarter control, and for urinary tract problems.
**Changing food may not cure a problem, it may just prevent further damage.

Medical Info and Vaccines
  Adult cats should receive a yearly checkup and booster as part of their health maintenance program. Many people think that indoor only cats need no vaccination. Unfortunately, most feline diseases are airborne, or

can be carried in on clothing and shoes with ease.
 The regular or usual vaccines every cat should have is the Distemper-Rhino-Calici and Pneumonitis combination, and this vaccine will be given to both kittens and adult cats.

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