Cats and dogs stories to read, canines adventures, true felines tales, pets travels home, famous animal heroes and lots more than that.
Pet Stories

  A few cats and dogs stories to read, canine adventures, felines tales, pets travels home and famous animal heroes, that will make you laugh, possible cry, but definitely make you hug your pet. Most are pretty short, and won't be hard on your weak human eyes.
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   If you prefer stories that are highly opinionated and from a pets point of view, on relative issues.
  If you have any interesting stories of your pet, send them to us to share with everyone. Just click the dog with the big ears at the top right, and start typing. If you have a digital picture, great. Of course, by doing this, you do acknowledge the fact that we have the right to present anything you send us in any way we deem necessary. Don't worry, we may be animals, but we're not nuts, so we won't embarrass you or us. (we usually just proof read and possibly crop pictures or lower file sizes) These must be original stories, owned and operated by the author. You!
P.S.   Please make sure that anything you send is acceptable for ALL AGES. Thank you.

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