Ron Hevener dog stories and pets articles by the published author and reputable owner of Lochranza kennels, champion canines and high stakes writer.
On With The Show - By Ron Hevener
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  The links below are for submitted dog stories by renowned Author and artist, Ron Hevener. This is a section created solely for his pet stories.

  1. Biography - We recommend reading this first to learn about Ron's credentials, experience and expertise.
  2. Introduction - Read a personal introduction letter written for all the visitors to this site. Human or otherwise.
  3. You Are The Greatest Teacher - A writers experience at dog kennels and how close our relationship with man's best friend really is.
  4. Lochranza Story - The inside scoop on writing the novel, "The Blue Ribbon", and why Mr. Hevener started out in the kennel business.
  5. What's It All About - Get the inside scoop on dog shows. It just might be your next calling.
  6. Invasion of the Privacy Snatchers - Read about some dog kennels, including Ron's, getting the bone from some activists.
  7. The Mark of a Champion - The pros and cons of using puppies vs adults in pet shows.
  8. Whatever It Takes - We all have to deal with the loss of a beloved pet, even Mr. Hevener. Read this story and let him know what you think.
  9. The Tide Is Turning - Are humane societies all that humane? Many people are starting to wonder.
  10. Those Who Can Dream - An inspirational article for owners to be more passionate about their pets.
  11. "On With The Show" ... Another Morning - Animals may know more about a better quality of life than we do.
  12. The Honey Jar - A story about love that's so strong that it comes back to you, no matter what.
  13. In Your Own Hands - How to write to newspapers about pet related topics.
  14. Animals and Paychecks? - Do dog show owners care about their pets as much as everyone else. Mr. Hevener thinks so.
  15. Think About It - Are animals rights laws being applied properly, or are innocents suffering?
Ron Hevener
Lochranza Kennels
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