True pet stories of cats and dogs with domestic animals warning owners, rescuing people, and others. Canine articles or feline adventures to read.
Submitted Pet Stories
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  These are for submitted pets stories that are sent in by our visitors (YOU) with true tales to tell. Some with pictures, some with descriptions, but all star the ever loving, ever loyal, petdom.  These stories are in no way long or drawn out, and hopefully not boring. After all, us pets are only patient when you want us to hurry.   These stories may not necessarily reflect the opinions of this website or it's employees.

  1. It's Not Good-bye Ruby Tuesday - A lost dog returns home after being away for months.
    - submitted by K. Tracz, Toronto, Canada
  2. The Dudley Story - A life story of a deserving dog.
    - submitted by Gerald A. Selvam & Heidi Bau,
  3. Nightingale - A Yorkshire Terrier is dog napped.
    - submitted by
    Sabrina A. Parisi Ph.D.
  4. A Hero Named Sable - A black cat that doubled as a fire alarm, warning the owners of a kitchen fire.
    Submitted by Sue Wages, Covington Ga.
  5. Psychic Hero Dog Named Bear - Can a dog predict accidents? Maybe this one is psychic. Either way, Bear was there when needed. Good boy.
    -Submitted by Michelle Cooper
  6. A Miracle Cat Story - Giving a beloved pet up for adoption, doesn't always mean never seeing it again, thankfully.
    -Submitted by Joyce Wold/Millican
  7. Pansy is our newest dog - Even professional pet owners get their heart strings tugged at times.
    -Submitted by Annie Alpert (The Dog Collector)
  8. Beaus Poem - Poetry about a champion Collie written for a friend.
    -Submitted by Darlene At Kerhaven Collies
  9. Snoopy The Dog Rescuer - A hero with a hard life, that should be remembered.
    -Submitted by Beverly Walton
  10. Play With It Again Sam - Dogs come and dogs go, but some come back too.
    -Submitted by Samatha Lynn Walton

Hop on board, and submit some stories.
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