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  These domestic house pet pics were submitted by each pets owners. If you want to display your own pets pics, just email them to us, with yours and your pets names.    The email button is thataway>>>>>
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Pimp Daddy Fluff
(stopped traffic to save him)
-----------------------submitted by Sharon-----------------------
submitted by
Leo and Herney
----------submitted by Brittany----------
-------------------------submitted by Cindy-------------------------
-----------submitted by Dianne-----------
Mac (Jack Russell)
submitted by
Nugget smiling
submitted by
submitted by
submitted by
Scooter with bell shaped markings
Scooter with dog shaped markings
Scooter with heart shaped markings
-------------------------submitted by Dion-------------------------
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  "Most cats, when they are out want to be in, and visa versa, and often simultaneously."
-Louis J. Camuti
I roar at you, with all my heart.
But, you can't hear, how hard I try.
When it leaves, it's much too sharp.
My throat is strained, and much too dry.

It's all I've got, to call you with.
So I'll make my hardest try complete.
Even though it's more like a hiss.
You'll ask yourself, are you in deep.