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the Rottweiler
Hanna again
Doobie & Mitzi
dancing together
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---------submitted by Kandy Ann---------
Thumper caught
submitted by
2 yr old yellow lab
chow & yellow lab
----------submitted by Kathie----------
Paw Paw
biggest to smallest
-----submitted by Gian and Ching-----
Forest, Lucy, Sam,
the angel is Maggie
submitted by Cathy
Sarah ( Shihtzu)
Twinkle (Yorkie pup)
Boo and Chula
submitted by
submitted by
submitted by
adopted cats
Tessa (dog) & Pelmit
submitted by
submitted by
submitted by
Trixie in diapers (incontinence problem)
---------submitted by Debbie M. ---------
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Submit you pictures here and now.
We will happily put them in.
But give us time, don't have a cow.
It's not a race you need to win.
By: Mick

We got caught in a flood of submitted pet pictures
"Cats are rather delicate creatures and they are subject to a good many ailments, but I never heard of one who suffered from insomnia."
-Joseph Wood Crutch

I'm a cat that is fat.
But not in a hat.
I could never fit that.
Around this very wide cat.
I'm a cat that is fat.
I stay where I'm sat.
Until it's time for a nap.
For this out of shape cat.
I'm a cat that is fat.
So don't give me no crap.
I just want you to pat.
All the fat on this cat.

Written By: Mick
© Fat Cat Productions