Animal Shelters - Western United States
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Humane Society - Oceanside, California
Humane Society - San Diego, California
Humane Society - Lafeyette, California
S.P.C.A. -Sacramento, California
Humane Society - Silicon Valley, California
Abandoned Terrier Rescue Association - Dedicated to rescue of all Terrier breeds

Humane Society - Colorado (main office)
Humane Society - Boulder Valley, Colorado
Dumb Friends League - The largest animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region. They turn no animals away.

Humane Society - Nevada (main office)
S.P.C.A. - Nevada (main office)

Humane Society - Portland, Oregon
Humane Society - 88530 Green Hill Rd, Eugene
Animal Rescue Foundation - HCR 82, Fossil

Humane Society - Seattle/King County, Bellevue
Humane Society - Arlington (No-Kill Shelter)
Purrfect Pals  - Arlington (No-Kill Shelter)
Humane Society - Yakima

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I'm the one, that brightens your day.
When you come home, I'm ready to play.

I'm the one, that loves you the best.
I even help, to relieve your stress.

I'm the one, that's hurt by your rage.
When you lock me, in a dirty old cage.

I'm the one, that has no true rights.
Things like that, are really what bites.

I'm the one, that's writing to you.
See us as equals, and change your whole view.

By: Mick
© Shushadog Prod.

"In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him."
-Dereke Bruce




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