Pitbulls banned in Ontario, a news story from Canada with comments on banning dogs where certain breeds are dangerous.
Hurricane Katrina's Pet Devastation

   Hurricane Katrina has left too much devastation in it's wake and the numbers keep on rising. Unfortunately the numbers of dying animals is also going up. Many pets have been left tied to posts with no hope for survival and many were abandoned to swim aimlessly on their own in a desperate search for land. We would like to personally thank all the rescuers that helped to save human and pet lives alike. They put their own safety on the line to save loved ones, whether they had fur or not.
  I have seen the video clips of people refusing to leave their homes without their pets and wondered why so many of these beloved animals are dead or dying. Is it possible that some people would abandon a furry family member to the fates? What would it take for some people to leave a pet behind? These are questions that may be argued as long as we have pets. Obviously there are other factors in this story of biblical proportions, like people's pets being refused by certain rescuers or transporters and pets being left behind because their owners had already succumbed to the flood. But, I'll try to share my thoughts on it all. Of course, I may be a little bias.
  As far as I'm concerned, the number of animals killed seems to be quite a bit higher than the number of people. Not that I would ever want more people hurt, after all you feed us, but animals are not just mangy beasts that don't deserve to live. Remember, humans were animals once too. No animal, man or beast alike deserves to die starving while tied up. So don't rush into the living room to save your TV. Save your pet instead. It would have done the same for you. That's all, just keep us in mind.

By: Mick
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