Pit bulls banned in Ontario, a news story from Canada with comments on banning dogs where certain breeds are dangerous.
Pit Bulls BANNED in Ontario, Canada

   What does this mean to pit bull owners there? No more puppies, and no more imports. It's a "humane" way to eliminate yet another species. What does this mean in the big picture of things? For starters, one might wonder which breed will be next? Maybe German Shepherds will receive a bad reputation, or possibly Rottweilers. This just doesn't seem to be the way to go about this. A pit bull is not a gun, and even though humans customized them for fighting, they still deserve to exist.
  Try to think of it this way. When governments were inundated with dog crap all over their streets, sidewalks, and parks, they didn't ban all dogs that poop. They went after the dog owners, as it should be. In nature, none of this would ever be an issue. You humans are the ones that are forcing animals to live under your rules, so you should be taking your frustrations out on yourselves, not us.
  I truly feel sorry for anyone attacked by a vicious dog, but the fact still remains, that you don't exterminate all animals, because someone gets hurt by one. Targeting the owners with fines, and possible jail time, is the only proper deterrent. Banning certain breeds of dogs may be a quick fix, but dealing with the owners will be a permanent solution.
  Imagine this as a news headline. Punk rockers banned from major cities. Due to a recent spur of punk rocker related violence, all of them will be banned from city areas. Sounds pretty silly doesn't it? Believe it or not, it's been tried. Now they're trying it with Pit bulls. The unfortunate conclusion is however, that it's very difficult to police a breed of dog.
  So lets stop this now, before it gathers world wide appeal. It just may travel further than we're willing to go. Consider dog owners that use their pets as weapons, no better than someone that commits deadly assault. Treat them no better than puppy mill operators. String'em up by their red rubber balls. Just don't extinct our brothers in paws just to make yourselves feel better. Don't jump on the villagers bandwagon and hunt down Frankenstein's monster. Make the irresponsible ones pay.

By: Mick
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