Pet sites links and domestic animals spots. With dog foundations, cat sitting and even canine cancer. Also feline owners handbooks and guides.
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World of Wallpapers - Cats, dogs, comedy wallpapers, and many more categories. Over 500 wallpapers.
Cat Sitting - Cat sitting locations across the USA!
National Canine Cancer Foundation - A non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem in dogs. - Get a free pet or animated aquarium screensaver. - dogs, cat, pets - Listings of pets for sale and breeders. Offers all natural pet supplements. Information on pet health, breeds, animal whisperer, dog parks, animal shelters and business listings.
Pet Handbook - A complete guide to pets. Providing the latest news, reviews, articles, photos and more. - Find out which breeds are right for you, how to train and look after them.
Resource site for Cat owners - Get the info you want and need to care for your cat.
My Munchkin Polydactyl Cat Marshmallow - Pictures, cat show, information on other Polydactyl's and more.
Pet Health Care your online pet guide - An online resource with reviews and information for you to read about your pet. 
Fun Pics - Tons of the funniest animal pictures you'll ever see. Some of which you may have seen here.
Hollywood dogs - Official Rin Tin Tin Site.
How To Do Things - Extensive library of pet health information
ringsurf - A huge link site for pet web rings-each link to an entire ring.
Pets Welcome - Hotels, apartments, ski resorts and even amusement parks that are pet friendly.
Tabby Tracker - Where lost cats call home.
boaster (Yar's Litterbox) - The World from a Cats and Dogs Point of View.
pets hub - Pet search engine. - Offers free pet classifieds to pet enthusiasts. Browse thousands of ads, pets accessories and services.
Katrina Pets Need Help - Several links to donate and volunteer your time to help these pets.
The Million Dog Wall Project - Help to build a wall of 1,000,000 dogs to highlight the inhumane treatment of dogs world wide.
Pedigree Adoption Drive - Actress Minnie Driver Teams with PEDIGREE® Help Dogs Find Homes. - Their Russian shelter needs help for their charitable internet project "The Society of pets' protection".
Canine Help - For interesting info and awesome products your canine will love!
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"I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures we might be if we weren't certain we knew better."
-George Bird Evans

A cat named Lisa

Round and round I go. Where I stop, nobody knows.

I'll turn until I pick a place.
For a dog this is no race.
A spot to lie is just my pace.
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