Cats behaviors, felines moods and kittens thoughts. Learn what pets are thinking like ears flattened, slinking low or a back arched high.
Cats Behaviors
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If my ears are flattened.
 I am either annoyed or frightened. Twitching them backward and forward usually means that I am either anxious or worried about whatever I hear or am looking at. Another way you can tell something

worries me, is if I flick out my tongue once or twice around my lips.

If I am laying down with my eyes closed.
 But with my tail flicking slightly at the tip, I am really awake and spying on you. I can keep it up all day. Eyes wide shut

If my back is arched high, and my ears flattened.
 I will scratch whatever I can reach, if you doubt that, look into my hugely dilated eyes, all the better to see you with. My slightly

open mouthed snarl, all the better to bite you with, so get out of my way !!

Slinking low to the ground.
  Means I am frightened, or I'm stalking something. I may even press right down to the ground, my fur will stand up, and my ears may be pinned back. Cute Eh! Gotta love me.
  Don't forget to watch where you walk when I'm darting past you.

The basic cat sounds are purring, meows and hisses.
  Cats can readily vary these sounds, thus seeming to talk. A cat meeting with another cat can emit more than fifty different sounds for communication which vary in tone from harsh to acute. A cat forms words that assume a precise meaning for other cats.
  Cats have a sweet sound, the Purr, which it uses to express joy, momentary well being and affection for its owner. It is a musical sound repeated at length when the cat is happy. Purring also occurs in cats that are injured and in pain.

When a male cat holds his tail bent forward towards his head.
 He is proclaiming to all the world that he is King of the Street! He stands there lashing his tail back and forth showing how angry and tough his is standing in the driveway.

  This helpful list of things you should have already known, were taken in part from, and with the greatest thanks to the few who understand, The British Press, Cat Encyclopedia, Globe Mini Mag, Uncanny Cats Tom, Lucky, Karma, Persia, Boo-Boo & Smokey.

By: K.A.T.

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wake me up
at quitting time
A meow is for chow
So take it to heart
Get my food now
Or I'll tear you apart
Pffft! Pffft!

We never know
what we'll get into.