Cats behaviors and what felines are thinking with pets moods and kittens thoughts like a tail moving or rubbing up against legs.
Cats Behaviors
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Flicking the tip of my tail.
 Means that I am excited about something, like that mouse wire moving under the computer desk.

Moving my tail quietly from side to side.
 Means that I am in a happy and possibly teasingly playful mood.

One quick flick of my tail.
  Means hello to you, with the same greeting used for my closest cool cat friends.

Rubbing up against your legs with a little hop and a purr.
  Means hello, I love you. Pay attention to me.

When I rub my chin.
  Over everything in the house, including you, O Great Food Dispenser, youll be happy to note that I am telling you that, IT IS ALL MINE !!! INCLUDING YOU !!!

Do we remember cruelty?
The knowledge attained by a cat by means of observation or trial and error is retained for it's whole life. According to the research work done at University of Michigan and the Department of Animal Behavior at the American Museum of Natural History in the USA , the memory of cats is about two hundred times more than that of dogs. The memory of cats is found to be more than Monkeys and Chimpanzees. Like human beings, cats have both long term and short term memory.

When I'm being bad.
   Cats think and make decisions like human beings. Some cats are jealous of other pet animals kept in the same house and has different personalities, just like human beings. There are some cats whose psyches are characterized as timid, impudent, obedient, stubborn, tranquil, spiteful, courageous and vile. Cats do very well in psychometric tests and have excellent observational power. So don't give up on us because we're bad, we're no different than a two year old human child. We just never grow up.

  This helpful list of things you should have already known, were taken in part from, and with the greatest thanks to the few who understand, The British Press, Cat Encyclopedia, Globe Mini Mag, Uncanny Cats Tom, Lucky, Karma, Persia, Boo-Boo, Smokey, plus recently Mamma Cat and Mischief.

By: K.A.T.

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