Cats trivia information, unusual feline facts and strange kitty info like the percent of house pets or an earliest ancestor to find out about.
Cats Trivia Facts
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  Cats outnumber dogs by millions as house pets. In the US alone, there are about sixty million. In the US, thirty seven percent of houses have at least one pet cat. In the UK, about twenty five percent of houses have at least one pet cat. In Australia, twenty six percent of houses have at least one pet cat. There are about five hundred million pet cats in the world.

  The earliest ancestor of the cat was the miacis, which lived over fifty five million years ago. The miacis had a long body and tail, short legs and looked somewhat like a weasel. The ancestor of all domestic cats is African wild cat. All domestic cats are members of same species, Felis Catus.

  Other small members of cat family include the European wild cat, Kodkod, Pampas cat, Geoffroy’s cat, Tiger cat, Puma, Ocelot, Bobcat, Jaguarundi, Margay, Andean mountain cat, Leopard cat, Jungle cat, Fishing cat, Pallas’s cat, Rusty-spotted cat, Marbled cat, Bay cat, Iriomote cat, Temminck’s golden cat, Flat-headed cat, Chinese desert cat, Sand cat, Caracal, African wild cat, Serval, African golden cat and Black-footed cat. There are about forty different species of wild cat.

  The sand cat found mainly in Africa burrows into the sand to protect itself from the heat of the sun during the day. Many wild cats also live in caves. The fishing cat found in India and Pakistan finds most of its prey in the water. The fishing cat is an excellent swimmer and catches fish, frogs and reptiles to feeds on.

  Cats are one of the oldest mammals on the earth. African wild cats were found in fossil form as early as thirty eight million years ago. The average life span of a cat is twelve years, this can vary with health, diet and breed.
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