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Dodging a Bullit

  Have you ever passed an animal on the road that was hit by a car? Did you ever assume that it was mortally wounded, and kept driving? Maybe you shouldn't have, and I'll tell you why.
  My wife and I were driving from the Vets one sunny summer day, back to our house, when out of the blue she yells, "Lookout!". Being a professional driver for many years, my reflexes are extremely fast, and I swerved just in time to miss a kitten by inches, that was laying on the road. I automatically assumed it was already dead, but my wife would not let me leave, yelling "I saw it moving, I saw it moving"!
  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a wuss, but I really don't want to be picking up road kill all the time, or worse, a severely injured animal. I was dreading every moment of this particular rescue, but I couldn't just stop in the middle of this busy street, so we had to manage a u-turn a little further up, and pull around on the other side of the median separating the road. After stopping, my wife then burst out of the car, and ran over to the scene like she was on Rescue 911. Half-way across I squirmed as a minivan came over the hill and didn't even slow down when running right over the helpless kitten. Don't worry though, the kitten passed directly underneath the vehicle without being touched. Seconds later, the traffic had been halted, and the kitten extracted at warp speed.
  When she returned to our car, my wife had a kitten small enough to fit in even her tiny hands. We immediately scanned for injuries, but could not find anything but fur. So, with a sigh of relief, we sped back to the animal hospital where our Vet practices. We were greeted at the hospital with great urgency, and gentle care, but without immediately knowing this adorable kittens fate, we unfortunately had to leave for our own lives to continue.
  I bet you're wondering if this is a happy story, or a sad one. To tell you the truth, it's a little of both. But, if you need it broken down to good and bad, here it is. The good news is that he lived. His name is Bullit, for dodging one, and he will live a basically normal life. The bad news is, that Bullit needs an excision arthroplasty because of a fractured hip. The surgery costs about 700 dollars, and through the goodness of his own heart, our Vet is performing it anyway. The broken hip will be a slight nuisance to Bullit, but we think he might prefer that over certain death.
  If you absorb any of this story, please take this home with you, and feed it. Don't assume, don't keep going, and do, what you can to help. It only takes one life saved to be, like, totally worth it. Kapeesh!

P.S. We have learned that since this story was written, Bullit has been adopted and is now in a good home.

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