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Dog Stories

  These are professionally written dog stories, that pull on a heart string, and are personal favorites of the canine contingency. Some funny, some sad, but all are very well written.  These stories are in no way long or drawn out, and hopefully not boring. After all, We're only patient when we're sleeping.   These stories may also not necessarily reflect the opinions of this website or it's employees.

  1. Ken-L Ration Hero 1980 - Ray went out to the ledge of an eighty foot shale cliff to get a picture ...
  2. Ken-L Ration Hero 1985 - Villa, a black Newfoundland, was from Villas, New Jersey ...
  3. Loyal Sheepdog - The man and dog were presumed dead ....
  4. Greyfriars Bobby - Despite the No Dogs sign at the graveyard entrance, Bobby kept a fourteen-year vigil ....
  5. Every Day Has It's Dog-  Written by Bear the pet extraordinaire. A dog's perspective on Barbeques.
  6. Miracle Worker - Written by Meredith Moore. A professional trainer with four National and World championships to her credit.
  7. Dogs and Dreams - Written by Kim J. Young. An inspiring story about Ron Hevener, Jacqueline M. Kauffman and Kane, the award winning Collie.
  8. Google Finds Mikey, A Doggone Miracle - The internet is more useful than one might think, because you can find anything on Google.
  9. Lake Waters - A family vacation turns into a horrifying experience for one of them.

We're very serious about our stories!

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All these stories aren't too boring.
And hopefully a real good read.
So take your time and spend that dime.
And help a pet in need.