Dogs obituaries, canine memorials or pets memoriams, where you can submit homages to domestic animals deaths for free.
Dog Memorials
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  Hello, dog lovers, caring companions, and fellow pet family members. I'll be as respectful and brief as I can be. This pet dog obituaries section was created as a memorial to our beloved canine friends. Newspapers charge to publish peoples passing's on, now pets can have that privilege for free. Please submit your short comments and a picture by pressing the email button to the right. All pictures here have a larger version.

Bear (1985 - 2000)
 He was full of life, and because of his size, the vets said he wouldn't live more than 5 or 6 years. We can happily say that he made liars of them by living a complete and adventurous life. He finally succumbed to a heart attack at 15 years of age. He suffered from slight arthritis in his later years, but always had his tail wagging.
From: Mick and Kathy

Ruby Tuesday (1985 - 1997)
  The smallest German Shepherd, with the biggest heart. Our first, our favorite, and with our hearts, we miss her.
From: Mick and Kathy

  My "baby" passed away on 3/31/05 and I miss him so much! He also has his own webpage that I created.
From: Lynn

Snoopy Walton
(Oct. 20, 1993 – Dec. 2, 2003)
  Snoopy was our very first four-legged Friend. He was such a special Maltese. He’s the reason we have two others. There will never be another Snoopy. He died from

complications from the wounds he received when he jumped between 2 larger dogs to save his two buddies, Li’l Bit & Sugar. It’s been nearly 2 years & not a single day goes by that we don’t think about him. We’ll always love you, son!
Love, Mom & Dad
(read Snoopy's whole story)

  Should I've been mad at you when you would chew things
  NO, I should be mad at myself for not picking it up.
  Should I've been upset when you would come busting through the door?

  NO, I should have happy and jumped on the floor.
But for all is not, because now you are gone.
  But I will still cherish every moment we had like a
new dawn.
  Baily turned seven in november and had to put down
today, because we did not have enough money to pay.
  We will love you forever sweet child.
  Good Bye love Espie, Gena, little Espie and Jadayza.

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  A loss of a dog is a sorrowful thing.
  When they say you should not cling.
  They can't know the joy it brings.
   That little puppy of your dreams.
   But now it's soul forever sings.
  A loyal pet has earned it's wings.
   A pain that will always sting.

By: Mick
© Doggone Prods.

  "There is no faith which has never yet been broken except that of a truly faithful dog."
-Konrad Lorenz