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Dog Memorials
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  This dog obituaries section was created as a memorial to our beloved canine friends. Please submit your short comments and/or a picture by pressing the email button to the right. All pictures have a larger version.

(July 7, 1993 - Jan. 7, 2009

…… In loving Memory of our best friend and most loyal and loving companion……

  There are moments in time Our Lord truly out does Himself with His creation. We

were very fortunate and extremely blessed to experience one of those special gifts, our loving Pit Bull “Kayla”.
  It is with sad hearts and deep regret that we say goodbye to our “special girl” and beloved family member.
  We thank you Kayla for giving us your all, and loving us unconditionally, we will miss you always……

Sue, Tom, Jason, & Andrea
The Patti Family

(Aug 16th, 1996/Jan 17th, 2009)
  Our Dog of 13 years had to be put down today and we are all completely devastated. Such a good puppy, loving, kind and loyal such a big part of our family. I miss you Starr. I miss you so much. I just want you back lying on my bed with me, following me up and down

stairs. Never letting me out of your sight and so happy to see me when I came back home. You have been such a loving Dog any family would have been extremely proud to have a dog like you. We have been blessed in you. Today was a sign for us to let you go even though we were defiantly not ready too. Even though you had showed us not one sign of the pain you had been in. Josh is heartbroken. He loves you so much. He was the brave one who walked you through the gates with Amanda so you weren’t alone when you went (Home to God). His heart is hurting as badly as mine. We just want you back home with us but know it wouldn’t have been fair to you and it would have been very selfish of me to want to take you back home. I am sorry, so sorry my friend I had not seen the signs to know you where that sick.
   WE LOVE YOU STARR AND ARE SO LOST WITH OUT YOU HERE WITH US. I PREY GOD HAS YOU WITH HIM IN HIS ARMS AND YOU ARE NOW PAIN FREE. YOU WHERE OUR FREIND, MY BUDDY, AND MY LILL GIRL: YOU ARE MISSED SO MUCH MY HEART IS BROKEN WITH YOUR LOSS. I HOPE YOU KNOW JUST HOW MUCH YOU HAD BEEN LOVED WITH US. YOU ARE MY PRECIOUS LIL BABY AND I HOPE GOD TAKES AS GOOD A CARE OF YOU AS YOU WHERE LOVED AND CARED FOR HERE. GOD BLESS YOU STARR, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE MY HEART. MY HEART IS IN SO MUCH PAIN RIGHT NOW BUT I KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT.   Bless you our precious lil girl. I miss you not cuddling as we go to sleep. The days ahead are going to be extremely difficult without you here. WE MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You are out of pain and now can run free again without anything holding you back so play lil Girl as you did when you where a puppy. We will all meet up again and we will look for you. IF you don’t find us first. Love Josh, Mommi, Amanda, And Meghan

FROM MY FRIEND RAY: He came to have a love for her too.

TODAY IS MONDAY JANUARY 19, 2009 AND I MUST SAY THIS: An Angel earned her wings and went "home" on Saturday 1-17-09 Her name is STARR and she is one of the most beautiful hearts and souls I will ever know. My heart goes out to her loving "mama" who's heart is on the floor in a million pieces right now. Your heart will mend in time and I acknowledge you and this sweet baby of yours...your "lil girl", to help to memorialize and never forget this sweet Angel who blessed the lives of all she met. Including mine in such a special way. My tears fall like rain in this earthbound mud we're left behind in. But rest assured....she's is doing that little prancy dance you were so fond of, because she is free now and always with you by your side inside and out. "Puppy" are loved forever
xoxo STARR 1995 to 1-17-09 R.I.P.

  We lost our boy Kobi to cancer on Sunday. He was a good boy, a sweet-souled “mutt” who brought joy to our lives with his love, energy and life. He loved the Marina, his daily walks, In-n-Out hamburgers, playing in the snow, peanut

butter and Cool-Whip, car rides and most of all, his people. Images of him trying to be Mama’s lap dog, cuddled on the couch with Papa or snuggled up to baby Taylor on our big bed flood our memories. Be at peace roof-roof, playing with Duke and chasing bunnies. Though gone from our lives, you will live always in our hearts.

Mama, Papa & Taylor

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 The silencing of a loved one, to never hear their voice.
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