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Dog Memorials
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  This dog obituaries section was created as a memorial to our beloved canine friends. Please submit your short comments and/or a picture by pressing the email button to the right. All pictures have a larger version.

Drake aka "little boy" came to us on valentines day 2003 from a rescue.He was a sweet and innocent little boy, full of life and unquestionable love and affection.He always had a smile on his face and a wagging tail.We already had another
rescue dog that was getting older so we got Drake so he could have a little brother to play with. Immediately they bonded and played every day,it was like our older dog was 5 years younger.We lost drake to cancer 10/01/2007, it was very sudden and unexpected and hit us,including his older brother very hard. We loved Drake very much and miss him immensely, his passing has left a void in our family that will be impossible to replace.God bless you Drake we will always love you and miss you.
Shannon, Brad and Russell (aka big boy)

Our beautiful and lovely Golden Retriever "nacho" passed away October 24, 2008.
He accomplished his mission on earth. He came to be our companion when we suffered a bidg lost in our family and was loyal to us for 10 years. Now , we are sure he is in heaven looking over us forever.
Edgar, Maria, Jose & Laura

(July 1993 - October 2008)
   It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our beloved dog, Tango, on October 23, 2008. He was a good friend and will be missed every day by Dale, Eric, Andrea, Gina and Mike.
  Tango lived the good life as far as dogs go. He watched his diet and exercised regularly. He loved his daily walk – through the woods or around the neighbourhood. He greeted people with curiosity and often open affection. You always knew where you stood with Tango. He liked puppies, even when they jumped and wanted to play. He never saw the benefit of retrieving a ball – run after it, yes – bring it back, probably not. But figuring out how to steal the other guy’s ball – that was real sport.
Tango chased rabbits in his sleep, tormented cats, barked at noises at the door, and begged for food whenever he could. In many ways he was ‘everydog’. But to those who knew him well, he was the most special of dogs. And now he rests. Gone from our lives but never forgotten.

Truffles Ain't Chocolate

  Tartuffe, Princess, Wonder Dog, Trixie Lou, beloved companion of Bruce and Theresa, and surrogate mom to Snickers was whelped 11/14/1992 ( Sire: Freddies Bark of T and Dam: Delta M's Lady Casey ) and died 10/31/2008. Our beautiful
English Springer Spaniel succumbed to old age but never lost her spirit. Her personality was audacious and filled every corner of the house. Her loyalty to her family was absolute. Every year she protected them from the trick or treaters that rang the doorbell and the UPS guy once wished he had a spare leg to leave her. Truffles had a great sense of fun and nothing escaped her wonderfully curious nose. If the refrigerator door opened, she checked it out. If it was chocolate, she wanted a sniff. If it smelled bad, well it had to be good. If it was watermelon, it was hers. Her bark was joyful and unstoppable to the last week. In true Springer spirit, she never ran when she could leap and spring. Her favorite activities were going for walks and chasing her "chewie". When her hip finally gave out, she took pleasure in staying close and snuggling with her pack. Bark, run and spring baby, we miss you.


  A 2 month old Shih Tzu/Chihuahua passed away after 24 hrs. of being affected with the parvo virus. She was full of life and was very lovable. She had the cutest little fuzzy face and the greatest personality. She died on November 30, 2008. She may be gone but she will never be forgotten. She now lives forever in our hearts.

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 No amount of time can erase the memory of a good dog, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove it's fur from your couch.

Hope this helped to make you smile.

they were worth it.
No matter what.

A life that ends
Another begins
Circle of life
Where no one wins

But, it's the life
That's in between
Just to remember
Love now unseen

By: Mick