Ken-L Ration Hero 1985 is a true dog story about a black Newfoundland in New Jersey, with lots of canines adventures and animal stories to read.
KEN-L RATION Hero 1985
    Villa, a black Newfoundland, was from Villas, New Jersey. Villa was a half grown puppy when during a severe blizzard, she started to bark from her dogrun. After several minutes she leapt over the five foot fence and ran across to the neighbors yard. The snow was so thick, that visibility was zero, and the winds were howling at 60 miles per hour. The neighbors 11 year old girl, Andrea Anderson, was out looking at the storm when the wind blew her across the yard. Unable to see, she had become stuck in a drift, and was unable to free herself. Villa heard her cries for help, escaped her cage, and found Andrea. Villa had to circle the child several times before she could manage to free herself from the drift. Villa, then led Andrea safely to her home.

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