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Poor Scully

  I send this out to whoever may read it. I don't know if it will go anywhere, but I have to write about this. Yesterday my Cat, Scully died. She died after being hit by a car. I took her to the vet as she howled and howled. When I put my hand on her bloodied face, she was silent and I could feel that she was trying to purr. When I went into the doctor's office, I knew that Scully wold never leave. The doctor worked as hard as he could, but I knew that he was working around to putting her to sleep. The decision was mine, it had to be. So I made it. Poor Scully kept her head in my hand, breathing laborously, trying to see, trying to breath, trying to live. Then the injection. I held until she died and I felt the life slip out of her. Just as she would steal into the room before me to wait, her small ghost did so into death. When I found her, I knew that she was waiting for me to come and save her, but I couldn't. I took her body and buried her in the garden. She was the calico soul of my house, a blur of a furry missile that darted from room to room. The polite meow that followed her leap onto the bed for the night. The loud rumble of a purr that sounded as I stroked her nestled in the covers. The total inspiration of my first unpublished novel: Intrigue Satellite, where a man and a cat are linked to become secret operatives of a besieged government against their will. As I wrote it, she would sit on the shelf nearby and sometimes lay her paw on my shoulder, as if trying to help me along in the plot. Funny, in the end of the book, the man and the cat seemingly die as they defeat their adversary. The cat dies first, and her ghost leads the man into whatever afterlife awaits. Neither is afraid, as they together in death as they were in life. Now she is gone and there is nothing I can do. Such a small being, that when she left, she left such a large hole. I look at the other two cats and I can't explain where she went, but they are asking anyway. I cannot bridge the gap, I cannot explain. And even with the other two still there, it feels so empty and incomplete.

Submitted by: Frank Castle
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I put this costume on because I figured you could use some cheering up after that sad story.