True pet stories of cats and dogs with domestic animals warning owners or rescuing people plus many others. Real canine adventures or feline articles to read.
Submitted Pet Stories
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  These are for submitted pets stories that are sent in by our visitors (YOU) with true tales to tell. Some with pictures, some with descriptions, but all star the ever loving, ever loyal, petdom.  These stories are in no way long or drawn out, and hopefully not boring. After all, us pets are only patient when you want us to hurry.   These stories may not necessarily reflect the opinions of this website or it's employees.

  1. My Dogs Saved My Life and My Home - Once again a pet's superior sense of smell saves another human.
    - submitted by Sharlene Plyler Perez
  2. A Family Torn Apart - A story about pet custody rights (in this case a dog) where you can be the judge and help them out if you want to.
    - submitted by Blake and Melissa
  3. Cap’s Angel - One person's loss of a dog is another person's gain, but try not to make it your loss, so use pet ID tags.
    - submitted by Pamela Jenkins
  4. Poor Scully - A sad but definitely necessary cat story that needed to be written.
    - submitted by Frank Castl
  5. Genie is the Hero in Our Family - Another dog story that proves humans should listen to their better halves (pets) more often.
    - submitted by Neena & Tim Derf
  6. Sunnier Days - This is a true story about Sunnie and there is a lesson to be learned as well.
    - submitted by Gerry Tancreda
  7. The Hope A Dog Can Give - A trip to the local shelter means hope for a pet, and for you too.
    - submitted by Susan Cava

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