A hero greyhound dog true pet story where this canine saves a life. Lots more submitted domestic animal stories to read also.
Genie is the Hero in Our Family

  Eight years ago, Greyhound Pets of America/Tampa Bay’s Volunteers set up a tent at a local craft fair to promote adoptions of retired racing dogs. We were immediately drawn to the group of amazingly beautiful, graceful, elegant dogs in need of good homes. One pup particularly stood out to us....GENIE! We remember clearly, how she patiently and proudly stood, as we were told her story. We learned that she was 11 years old, newly retired after 5 years of running, and 5 years of breeding. Captivated by her big brown beautiful eyes, “bunny soft” coat, and wonderful smile, my husband announced "SHE BELONGS IN OUR HOME!"
  That day proved to be the luckiest of our lives, as Genie actually saved my husband’s life! About two years after her adoption, Genie had a regular Veterinary appointment one Sunday afternoon. That night, at 3:30 A.M., Genie urgently rattled her tags, nudged and woke me up. She NEVER does that! I though she might be sick from the shots, and rushed to take her outside. To my shock, she led me to my husband, passed out at the other end of the house. He had an internal bleeding problem, and had hemorrhaged to the point that Doctors say he was ten minutes from death. I would have slept through it all, if it weren't for our miracle dog, Genie!
  We truly believe that Genie CHOSE US to be HER family! She had a definite purpose at the end of her magnificent racing career that she was destined to fulfill! Genie was MEANT to be Our Miracle!
  This past May 8th, our Genie turned an amazingly healthy & happy 19 years YOUNG. A Greyhound’s normal life span is 10 – 13 years!!!! Genie is a true ambassador for greyhound adoptions, and proof positive that older pets in need, deserve loving homes! At every event Genie attends, she amazes all! She continues to be very energetic, bright-eyed, loving, smart, and gorgeous! We are truly proud of our little girl, and she is loved more than words can ever express!
Submitted by: Neena & Tim Derf
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