A true pet story of canines rescuing people titled my dogs saved my life and  home. An article with domestic animals warning their owners of a catastrophyy.
My Dogs Saved My Life and My Home

  This past Wednesday I was home from work. It was the noon hour and I sat down at my computer to play some spades in this online spades club I am involved with. We had just got our seat assignments for the beginning of the tournament and my dogs Kosmo my black Lab mix, and Codi my dalmatian began barking
uncontrollably. I hollered at them as sometimes they just bark at the wind. The were barking and barking, Codi ran to me barking I went to living room and Kosmo was there growling at the wall....he walked with
me as we walked around the kitchen. He was growling at the laundry room with his hair standing up on the back of his neck. The whole way he was by my side ready to get whatever it was that was back there. Ready to protect me. I thought there was an intruder in the house. As I walked closer I saw smoke the door was cracked to the laundry room and I saw huge flames up to the ceiling. I was panicking unsure of what to do
first. My mind began racing. Fight the fire or get out....no time to fight this fire it was getting big. I closed the laundry room door ran back to my office as my phone was there on the desk, called 911 and headed for the door. By this time the house was filling with smoke and the fire alarms in the house sounded. Kosmo was by my side the whole time. Codi had run and hid she was scared. I couldn't find their leashes as I was so panicked I just opened the door and told Kosmo to
go. I didn't know where Codi was-it felt like an eternity as I screamed for her from the front door to come. The house filling with smoke fast.
  She finally did run to me and we waited outside for the firemen to arrive. My home sustained minimal damage and I know it was because of my 2 dogs Kosmo and Codi. My life was saved because of them. I would
have been trapped in the back part of the house had they not given up on warning me. No longer will I ignore their barks. They are my hero's. I am attaching pictures of Kosmo and Codi. Attached is a picture of me
with Kosmo, the black lab and the other is a picture of Codi my dalmatian.

Submitted by: Sharlene Plyler Perez, Del Rio, Texas
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A dog can dream
can't it?
I'm talking to you.
Can't you hear what I'm saying?
I'm hoping and I'm praying.
Some of this can get through.
It may be just some crazy lark.
But what I'm trying to explain.
Is that on the carpet I did stain.
And all you hear is bark, bark, bark.
By: Mick
© Rambone Productions

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