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Beaus Poem

At first, just a tiny sliver of light
Not much to separate day from night.
Nearsightedly, he sat, and looked around
Starting a bit, at a sudden sound.
From a world of silence, he now could hear.
He whimpered, loudly, out of fear.
But a warm, soft tongue caressed his face,
And the love of his mother, his fears displaced.
Then gentle hands picked him up,
Hands already familiar, to the little pup.
Warm breath, and a soft voice touched his ear,
Completely banishing any lingering fear.
Human eyes gazed, into his own,
He responded with a happy puppy moan.
Soft human lips, kissed his eyes,
Eliciting from him little puppy sighs.
He learned then, to accept, a world of sound and light.
He understood there was no need for fright.
Soon there were other hands, he came to know,
And many more people gathered round.
A different collie with a warm soft tongue,
caressed the little face of Gipsy's son.
Rapidly now, from a clumsy pup,
To a glorious young collie, our Beau grew up.
Dancing joyfully at Maria's side,
Beau filled her heart with love and pride.
"He'll be a champion," Maria would sing.
"One day he'll dance, for ME in the ring."
"He MORE than a PET, this I know"
"I'll wait untill he's ready to show."
He was born a Champion, in her heart.
She believed, her Beau, would do his part.
She knew one day, he would claim,
The right to wear CHAMPION before his name.
At the age of two, he took his place,
A beautiful representative of his race.
In just four weekends of shows, Beau did claim,
The title of CHAMPION before his name.

Written By
Darlene At Kerhaven Collies
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A poem in here, is not so absurd.
As a person who knows, you surely have heard.
When pets are abused, it gets us so stirred.
That we have to express it, with some tongue lashing words.