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The Dudley Story

  He is sleeping soundly on the floor beside me. Occasionally I hear him snoring loudly. Otherwise he is quiet.
 We are the friends of Dudley whom we believe is the oldest English Setter alive in the world today. Dudley came into our family as a young puppy sometime in 1989. This date is based on the birth of a niece Nicole who is at the present age of fifteen plus years, and my brother Saeed who is the same age.
  Dudley was found originally by Nicole’s father, Marty Bacci a construction foreman for Belrock Construction (Canada). Marty had noticed this puppy around the catering truck on daily basis over a period of months. Although he felt a deep longing to bring this cute puppy home, he dared not. One day his heart broke and he arrived home not alone, but with a new family member in the back of his blue GMC pick-up truck.
  Sadly there was a concern of allergies to Nicole aged 3- 6 months at the time. That is where Dudley came to be in our family. Before Dudley came to us his name was Shane, a name given to him by Marty’s wife. From the time we met it was quite obvious that Dudley had suffered some trauma in his unknown past. We realized quickly that Dudley was afraid of loud noises and children and even appeared to have a broken rib.
  Over the years Dudley settled into the family and became acquainted with our household, finally realizing a family which he seemingly never had. Since the birth of my own daughters Olivia and Robyn, Dudley has proven to be a caring companion with a wonderful nature toward children, but also a faithful friend. Until recently Dudley lived in a suburb of Toronto known as Etobicoke where he knew the streets like the back of his paw.
  Circumstances change and so did the life of Dudley. Surprising all, Dudley boarded KLM flight number 691 from Toronto and landed in Helsinki-Vantaa in September 2003. Throughout that flight, I sat in the cabin above wondering how he was fairing below, imagining every terrible scenario as the miles passed below us . There was no better feeling when I saw him again. He stepped out of his cage, tired and weary to breath the fresh air and mark his new home. We were overjoyed that day and called Dudley’s friend and my father Tony who was by then in Sri Lanka and confirm his safe arrival.
  You see, Tony was in Toronto and saw Dudley’s kennel board the flight. He fought back tears as he filled Dudley’s water bowl for what he thought was the very last time and was convinced that Dudley due to his age would never survive the long flight over the Atlantic, nevertheless as cargo. Yet, we were more than elated that Dudley met the challenge and is still thriving in Finland.
  In the time that Dudley has been with us, which is most of his life, he has not suffered any illness nor disease. Today you will find Dudley frequently acting like a puppy 99 years his junior. Dudley has represented the meaning of gentleness, and unconditional love. Nowhere have I seen that gentle character in man or animal that I have seen in him. Just to look into his eyes and you’ll see it too. With regards to his longevity and health, we wish that man can only follow his example by some grace or circumstance.

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Gerald A. Selvam & Heidi Bau
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