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A Hero Named Sable

  This is a true story about a cat named Sable. She is almost 5 years old now. Sable is a hero, and she has heroes of her own. Her heroes are Debi and her daughter Kayla. They all live in the town of Cuthbert Ga. Sable's Mother was a stray cat that had two kittens under Debi and Kayla's house.
  When Debi and Kayla saw them, they brought them all inside, and named them. The Mother cat and one of the kittens were calico, So they named the Mother cat Cali, and the look alike kitten Tigger, and the other one Sable. Sable is a black cat. They saw that the gnats had gotten to Sable's eyes, so they took her to the Vet. Her eyes were very badly infected. The infection left her blind in one eye and she can hardly see out of the other one.
  The Mother cat, Cali, disappeared one day, never to be seen again. Tigger got sick and had to be put to sleep. Tigger was Kayla's favorite, although she loved them all. This is a poem that Kayla wrote when they had to have Tigger put to sleep. Kayla was in grade school at the time.

In 2000, Cali had a kitten, that was the size of a mitten.
Since she was bigger than the other,
I named her Tigger, because she looked like her Mother.
Later she got sick, and began to look like a stick,
so we took her to the Vet, because I wanted to keep her my pet.
Three months passed, that went really fast,
and she was at the Vet again.
And in my mind, I knew it was time.
On February 2, 2001, I thought this day would never come.
We had to put her to sleep, and instead of going to the homecoming game,
I was digging a hole one foot deep.
Written by Kayla
(Well done, Kayla)

  It is lucky for Debi and Kayla that Sable survived, because in the first week of February 2005, Debi had removed a burner cover from her stove top, and had turned the burner on under the pan she had put on the burner, or so she thought. She went on to the back of the house to do something, and Sable came to where she was, meowing, and leaving the room, only to come back, meowing and leaving. Finally Debi followed Sable to the kitchen, and upon arriving, saw that the stove was in flames!! She had turned on the wrong burner!! Debi said that if it weren't for Sable, things would have been MUCH worse. Debi said that she had put new batteries in the smoke alarm, but it never went off!!
  So, for all of these heroes, I say THANKS Debi and Kayla for taking those cats into your home, and giving them the care they needed, and THANKS to Sable, for repaying them for their kindness, by alerting them to the fire, which could have been a real disaster!!

Submitted by: Sue Wages, Covington Ga.
Debi and Kayla are my cousins.
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When it comes to hero acts.
Humans aren't the only ones.
While under pressure to react.
To the rescue pets then run.
As loyal as a friend can be.
A pet in need, is a friend indeed.

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By: Fluffyball productions

I was staring at my computer screen for way too long.
No heaven will not ever Heaven be; unless my cats are there to welcome me.
  "Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you."
-Mary Bly