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Psychic Hero Dog Named Bear

  Lester Bowling of Boaz, Alabama was working on his van and had it jacked up on a regular car jack. Normally Bear (a loving black lab) was made to stay inside the house, so where he came from or how he got out is still a mystery. But anyway, Bear came up to Lester and started jerking on his jacket and pulling him out from under the van. Lester thought maybe he was just playing, but Bear wouldn't give up and just started pulling and jerking him harder until he got him clear of the van, that moments later came loose from the jack and fell to the ground. Where Lester's head was positioned, under the van, it would have been crushed. How Bear knew something was going to happen will always be a mystery, but Lester thanks the heavens for having such a loving pet that saved his life. I've read and watched things like this that have happened to other people and just wanted to share my story with others that will understand an animals love is all giving and forever.

Submitted by: Michelle Cooper
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