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A Miracle Cat Story

  In 1998 I got a black kitten with a little white spot on his back. Well, in 1999 I moved from the Bay Area up to Northern California and I brought my kitten with me. I moved with my daughter and my kitten, to my parents house where afterwards I found a small 1 bedroom apartment and I couldn't keep my cat with me. So I gave him up for adoption to the animal shelter.
  I always wondered about my cat, and thought of him constantly through the years. I didn't want to give him up, that cat and I had a special bond. For 3 months my 10 year old Daughter and I were at the shelter volunteering, cuddling with all the cats. In one cage was this big black cat, so I opened the door and there he was at the shelter after 6 years. I knew it was my cat I gave up for adoption, he also recognized me too, so he started to give me hugs with his head, love bites and raising his paw up to my head pushing me away when I was giving him love on the top of his head. I looked more closely and saw that little white spot he had on his back, and I couldn't hold back my tears.
  After all this, I decided to bring him home with me and my family. For this cat is very special and it's a miracle that after all these years he came back to me.
My miracle baby.

Submitted by: Joyce Wold/Millican, Grass Valley, Ca
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