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Snoopy The Dog Rescuer

  It was late at night around eleven when my husband, Tom, took our three dogs, Snoopy, Li’l Bit and Sugar, out for a final evening walk in our front yard. We don’t have a fence around the front, but our Maltese have been trained to stay in the yard, to ‘do their business’.
Tom didn’t notice the man that was walking his 2 very large German Shepherds, going by on the street. Our dogs are very friendly and usually run to greet anyone who comes up, happily barking. Sugar and Li’l Bit are younger and beat Snoopy to the road. The 2 German Shepherds immediately started pulling away from their owner & ran towards our two younger dogs. Snoopy must have sensed something was wrong because he ran out into the road to jump between the German Shepherds and Sugar and Li’l Bit. The large dogs were all over him, chewing on him. My husband jumped between them and Snoopy, grabbing Snoopy up & running to put him in the flatbed of the truck, so he could find the Sugar and Li’l Bit. They had run back to the front door. The owner of the other dogs had regained control of their leashes and was gone!
Li’l Bit and Sugar had gone back to the front door, so Tom brought Snoopy inside the house to wake me up. Snoopy was in shock, so I told him to toss some towels in the dryer and bring me one to wrap him in, while I checked his wounds. After examining him more closely I decided that he needed stitches. We retrieved the warm towels from the dryer and took him on in. There were no internal injuries and he did quite well after the stitches were removed.
Several months later, we noticed that he appeared to be in pain, so I took him to the Doctor. After some testing, it was determined that he had Corticosteroid Meningitis, and was experiencing the headaches that went along with it. They put him on Prednisone and Valium to help keep him out of pain. He remained on these two drugs for the remainder of his life.
He continued to go downhill, so we decided to schedule a time that we could go have him ‘put down’. It was such a sad time in our life. I still cannot believe that he’s actually gone. It’s been 2 years we miss him terribly and our lives will never be the same.

Submitted by: Beverly Walton
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