Invasion of the privacy snatchers, by Ron Hevener. A dogs kennels story,among other professional pets stories and true article to read.
"On With The Show" ... Another Morning
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  Early in the morning is when I like to think. Not that I don’t like to think all the time, but, early in the morning is when I set the tone for the rest of my day – and it’s often when I get the best answers.
Take right now, for instance. It’s about 5 AM here and the house is finally quiet. The bullfrogs partying all night outside my window have called it a wrap and the dogs on guard duty in the kennels are convinced it wasn’t Steven King and his monsters flying through the trees last night. It was just an owl. Who told them? Maybe, those frogs!
I went outside this morning to check on the animals – a nice peaceful walk around the place – and Mamie, the wild cat who gave herself the job of winning us over, was at her usual spot beside the building where we mix the dog food. “Good morning, Mamie. That was a real slick thing you did yesterday when Holly the Greyhound chased you under the porch. I never knew there was a missing stone … and a hole you could jump through. Holly didn’t either.
Mamie purrs and tries her best to trip me as I walk into the building and open the refrigerator to find the fresh ground beef we keep on hand just for her. As I’m doing so, I think about my neighbor, Dave, milking his cows and remind myself to get some fresh, whole milk today… The news headlines scrolling across my mind are saying: China, Russia negotiate deals with Iran and other oil-supplying nations … Japanese company grants oil-drilling contract in disputed Chinese waters …
Mamie calls to the half-grown kitten she found and brought home for us a while back, and they have their breakfast. All seems well here and I move on to the old English racing bike that I refuse to give up. Pushing off, I pedal out the dirt lane past the small lake on one side and tall evergreen trees overgrown with Virginia Creeper and honeysuckle vines on the other. I make my way past the black mailbox and across the road to my neighbor’s dairy… Scotland Yard follows up on information about London subway bombings …
“Good morning, Tina!” I say to the faithful German Shepherd barking outside the cow barn and letting me know by her presence where Dave is. For as long as I’ve known her, she always stays near him. I enter the barn and call out to my friend. “Mornin’!” he hollers back at me, from somewhere on the other side of his Black and White Holsteins. “I got your milk ready!” he says, and I see three plastic gallon bottles waiting beside the door. I put his money on the windowsill, pick up the bottles and head for the stable. I always feel good here.
Inside the stable, I see clean stalls filled with horses. Some of them are mine. Taking a minute, I look around and remember when Dave and I stood in this same building. I can still hear him saying “Ron, I’ve always wanted a horse stable.” We were standing in an old storage barn, filled with junk. “I can see it, Dave,” I said, sensing his dream. “Go for it, man!” That was then, this is now – and Dave has his boarding stable…. Unknown energy surges wreaking global havoc, weather chaos …
I pick up a brush and make my way half way down the center aisle as horses nicker to me. “Good morning,” I say to Honey Babes as she reaches her face toward me. “I’ll be with you soon,” I say, moving on to the next stall where a large Bay mare stands patiently. “How are you, Larissah?” I ask, sliding aside the stall door and petting her neck as I walk inside. “And how are you, young lady?” I ask the two month old filly on the other side of her. It will be our usual game of Catch Me If You Can. And I do catch her, but first she has to dance around the stall a few times, so she can tell her friends she didn’t give in too easily. I like this filly, sired by Ala Croixnoire. There’s something different about her. Of course, there’s something different about all of the animals in our lives isn’t there? … New strain of Bird Flu threatens to kill millions…world leaders brace for onslaught …

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