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  Mr. Hevener has been gracious enough to donate his time to our cause, and we're as happy as a dog at a bar-b-que. If you have any questions, or need any information on dog breeding, kennels, dog shows, or even horses, Ron Hevener is the man to ask. If you have any doubts, read his introduction, and biography on the main page.
  Now to the meat of the content. If you don't find the answer already here, then by all means, hit the email button with the big ears to the right, and we'll forward your questions. We'll be setting up a more official form very soon.
  1. Question
    If you could only have one, racehorses or racing dogs, which would you choose?
    C.B., Lake Mary, FL
    Talk about a tough question! As you may know, I'm lucky enough to have both. My accountant says stick with the dogs, because you get ten in a litter and they're racing at 18 months. But, you are talking to an artist here, and I have to say they're both so beautiful I could never choose.
  2. Question
    They're getting slots in parts of Florida at the tracks. Do you think slots will spread across the U.S.?
    J.T., Athens, AL
    They'll probably denounce me in some quarters for saying this, but in many ways, slots are more fair than taxes. As grown ups, shouldn't it be up to us to decided for ourselves what we want to play? Yes, I do think they will spread, because of the present economy. My sources in Washington and elsewhere do not agree that "things are on the upswing."
  3. Question
    Are you married now and, if not, would you marry in the future?
    C.M., Naples, FL
    A personal question! Well, they say "Three strikes and you're out." I already have two, so I'm being extra careful. Maybe I'll just go for a looooooooong engagement
  4. Question
    How did you get started in Greyhounds and where do you run your dogs?
    C.A., Waverly, TN
    Like a lot of people out there, I didn't know where to buy a Greyhound or how to get into the sport. So, I adopted one. And I really liked him. After that, a friend of mine put me in touch with a breeder in Kansas and the rest is history. Today, Hevener Greyhounds have run at tracks in Florida, Connecticut, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Kansas.
  5. Question
    Dear Mr. Hevener: I have a great brood and she's a Molotov daughter. Every one of the pups from her first litter made the track. Against the advice of my trainer, I repeated the breeding. What do you think my chances are for the same success?

    Orlando, Florida
    Dear VC: I think your chances are very good. Although a lot of breeders might think it doesn't work, I see no reason not to go for it. Many valuable mares and dogs are bred to the same sires year after year. If you've been lucky enough to find a "nick" that works (or as we say, "The Golden Cross") go for it! You can always try a different combination on down the road.
  6. Question
    I've been to your website. With all that you have going, how do you do it?
    Chicago, IL

    Excellent question. (When you have the answer, let me know!) Seriously, though, I couldn't handle things without the help of my staff and partners. It takes ten of us to run this operation and that doesn't count our trainers and handlers at shows or tracks around the country. Growing up, I always heard that it takes a strong team to make big things happen. This team has been with me for many years and I've come to believe that.
  7. Question
    How did you get started?
    Mequon, WI

    My life as a designer started with my family's background in farming. When you think about it, animal husbandry is a form of design. Growing up, I apprenticed under the preparator of exhibits for the North Museum of Natural History in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where the retired professors of Franklin and Marshall College had their studios and offices. In effect, I was their only student and it was a blessing. In order to support myself, I made souvenirs of clay animals for tourists at the local farmers markets. People began collecting them (even people on The Antiques Road Show) and the rest is history. Today, the restoration of animal-related collectibles, paintings and antiques is something in which my studio specializes.
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