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    Dear Mr. Hevener: Your kennel has been raising dogs since the 1940s. With so many champions being from out crosses, what is your opinion on line breeding?
    Humble, TX
    Dear TH: Having bred everything from horses and cattle to birds, and just about everything in between, I'm not afraid of it. Years ago, when I was raising Black Angus cattle, I knew of "The Black Watch" herd. That breeding herd had been closed to outside blood for fifty years with no problem. Upon learning that, any reservation I had about line breeding or even inbreeding went out the window. Of course, you must start with animals in good health.

      As a side note, we recently imported the Irish Greyhound winner Elbony Polaris, a daughter of English, Scottish and "almost" the Irish Derby as well. (You can see why we wanted a daughter of his). Some Picture died a few years ago and there was no frozen semen, since Ireland doesn't allow such breedings. In Kansas, there is a son of his named Derby Day, sire of the record-setting sensation WW Apple Jax, considered by many to be the fastest American Greyhound alive (and recently sold for six figures). Did I have any hesitation breeding this daughter of Some Picture to a son of his? Not on your life. And we have nine healthy pups to show for it.
  2. Question
    Dear Mr. H: A few months ago, you wrote about people getting roped into outrageous veterinary bills in emergency situations. How did things turn out for the dog that got Staph? I had the same thing happen to me; my dog died and I still can’t pay it off.
    Lititz, Pennsylvania
    Dear J.D.:
    We lost the pregnancy, but Dodge lived and she’s fully recovered. In fact, she’s the one who usually chases Mamie the Cat around here. The veterinary clinic split the bill with me and we moved forward. Although one of my editors refused to print that article because she thought it was too bitter, it ended up hitting a nerve with the public. Many readers wrote to me, sharing their stories. Great idea for another novel!
  3. Question
    Dear Mr. H: What do you think about all the animal control laws happening all of a sudden and what can we do about it?
    Baltimore, MD
    Dear W.Z.:
    Laws are part of life. And while some people say laws are made to be broken, I’ve found that to be wasteful. After all, breaking a law means sidelining yourself and getting caught up in the legal meat-grinder. Now, if you want to make that your occupation, go ahead. But, the odds are (And don’t forget, I’m in the racing business and I believe in taking chances) you’d be more effective working from the outside instead of behind bars. My vote on all this? Organize yourself and everybody else you can. And fight these laws off. Bring these laws to light and expose them for the foolishness that so many of them are. Laughter is tremendous medicine, W.Z. And a great way to cut lawmakers down to size.
  4. Question
    Dear Mr. H:
    The heroes in your stories are often senior citizens. How come I don’t know any old people like that? It doesn’t seem realistic to me.
    New York, New York
    Dear S.R.
    Are you ever in for a surprise! I think it’s very realistic. I know lots of people in their 70s, 80s and beyond who are at the peak of their powers – and I want to be one of them! Adventure and an exciting life don’t have anything to do with age. Whoever told you that? And romance certainly doesn’t slow down. I know all kinds of people in love, flirting and getting married right up to the very end. I didn’t now him, but what about Auguste Rodin, the French sculptor who created The Thinker, The Kiss and so many other great masterpieces? He was unconscious and on his deathbed when he married Madame Rose! And how about the balding, passionate Afghan Hound owner Picasso? Now, there was an animal lover for you. Don’t give up hope, my friend. If you don’t know any exciting senior citizens right now, you’ve got plenty of time to become one!
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