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 Hello Readers!
It is with great pleasure that I thank your editors for the chance to speak with you through my upcoming column, "On With The Show."
  Over the years, I've met many people in the dog show world. While Collies have been my favorite show dogs, I have worked with practically every known American Breed as an artist, a breeder or a handler. That's a lot of dogs!
  One of the things people like about my Collie kennel is that it was started in 1945. Actually, it started before that, but I have, in our kennel files, a sales receipt dated July 8, 1945, when the first Collie puppy was bought for our Lochranza Kennels. Yes, I know there is a Lochranza in England which started somewhere around the same time. But, I believe they specialize in Poodles and Spaniels. Ours is one of the oldest AKC registered kennels in the United States. And it is in its second generation of management.
  This column isn't just about dog shows, it's also about living today as a member of the dog show community. In my writings and talks, I always say animal lovers are the most sentimental and romantic people in the world. I do believe that. And I believe they should be treasured. I will do my best to keep you posted on changing events that affect us in the dog show life.
  I am here for your letters, too. And, I'll try to answer a few of your letters each time. Love and romance are things I'm always asked about, probably because of my life as an artist. I guess they think artists know about such things -- or, maybe, they think I've lived so long I must surely know a few secrets! Competition is something else on our minds, and good sportsmanship is something we need advice about, too, sometimes. If you think I might be able to help on these things, write to this column in care of the editors.
  Until next time, I will be watching out for us in these troubled and challenging times. Don't be afraid. Love your dogs. And let's get "On With The Show!"
Best Regards,
Ron Hevener
Lochranza Kennels

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