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Cat Memorials
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  This pet cat obituaries section was created as a memorial to our beloved feline friends. Please submit your short comments and a picture by pressing the email button to the right.

  Obituary for a Cat with an open check book and a fighting chance which life came to short lived due to infection.
Skid-boot was found by a Doctor while riding horses in Acton California in October 2006.
  Skid-boot at the time was found

with it's hind section attacked by a wild predator and was lucky to have escaped with only loosing its tale and a few open wounds. It was taken to several medical centers within Westwood and West Hills and was lucky to be alive.
  While what working kidneys and bowel section it had, Infection set in by the attacking predictor. Surgery it received and the best tlc for the several weeks allowed it to survive.
  Skid-boot purred and meowed and was as friendly as any cat and loved its head petted and to be spoken to any time of the night as it could only stand and watch the public and cars and lavished what several weeks it had before leaving us.
  Skid-boot you will be missed by many as the Cat who gave it's best to stay alive and went out purring.
  Gregory Sorensen

Peaches  (1/1/90 -11/2/06)
She was a beautiful, playful & gentle cat. She brought me such happiness for almost 17 years. She was a member of this family who will never be replaced. I hope peachy that you are in a place where you are no longer sick and young. Peachy I miss you very much and I love you!
Love, Mommy

Hallo  (10/ 1/ 04 -2/17/07)
Our beloved cat, Hallo passed on Saturday, February 17, 2007 at 8:00 pm. He will be so greatly missed. He was a vital part of our household, voicing his opinions on many subjects, giving love and companionship, and best of all, just being a wonderful cat.
Although his time with us was short, his memory will be with us forever. Hallo, we love you and hope Kitty Heaven is wonderful. Look down on us and meow every now and again. Funeral Home: Our Home. Additional Information: Please support no-kill shelters and foster homes, as Hallo loved caring for any strays that came into our lives and helped in finding them a good, loving home.
Submitted by his "mama"

In Memorandum Of One Of The Sweetest Hearts I'll Ever Know......
I had to send my Baby "home" today. An amazing little boy to say the very least. I'm going to miss my little bunny......19 years best friend. Too sick, been around for 19 years, outta time.
  I want to thank him for trying to stick around for me no matter how he was feeling and for teaching me what love was really about.
He had a great life filled with love, affection, playtime, good food, toys and a "daddy" who adores him forever.
He filled my life with sweetness, love, affection, funniness, hilarity at times, and just a good little "kid" who loved his "daddy".
People with partners and kids sometimes don't understand this kind of pain. And that's ok. But it's real.
Just helps me a little to celebrate his life by telling everyone.
I miss this sweet little face.......and the way he would talk to me all the time.
You had to see it to believe it.. It was all amazing to me everyday. Nothing but love.
It'll be a sad day here for a while, but his memory will always be as beautiful as this......

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The real measure of a day's heat is the length of a sleeping cat.
-Charles J. Brady

We have our good and bad sides, but you still love us anyway. Go figure.
Angel of the Night

I know my cat's an angel
For she watches over me.
Slyly, when her eyes seem shut;
At night, when I can't see.

I know my cat's an angel
For her ears protect my sleep.
A creak, a squeak, a footfall;
At any noise she'll leap.

I know my cat's an angel
For she curls up at my side;
A warning to intruders
That it's best to run and hide.

I know my cat's an angel
For although she hasn't wings
I'm safe and warm beside her,
Wrapped in all the love she brings.
-Nancy Joseph