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Cat Memorials
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  This pet cat obituaries section was created as a memorial to our beloved feline friends. Please submit your short comments and a picture by pressing the email button to the right.

Catalunya (Aug 13/92--April 6/07)
  Catalunya, our beloved cat, died peacefully last night in Jeff's arms. His devoted companion, Barcelona, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was at his side. He was 14.5 years old and although afflicted with mouth cancer, he suffered no pain. In fact, he gulped down roast chicken, his all-time

favorite, just yesterday afternoon. Although his origins were obscure, Catalunya made it known when he was a 15-week old kitten at the Manhattan ASPCA that he was looking for a happy home to spend his life. He stuck out his paw through the cage to make sure Jeff saw him amid the dozens of mewing kittens. He purred loudly. It was a purr that was heard frequently for the next 14 years when he was picked up, stroked on that special spot on his forehead and when he climbed into bed to snuggle up. Within days of coming to his new home, Catalunya befriended his rambunctious doggie pal, Barcelona. Perhaps it was the influence of living with a dog of the same age (both Leos) but Catalunya was outgoing, begged for his treats, paw outstretched, and rolled over so his tummy could be rubbed. Never finicky with his food, Catalunya ate his meals with relish, rarely leaving more than a tiny tidbit for Barcelona to clean up afterward.
His sense of timing was impeccable, so much so that he was an alarm cat. Every morning he beat the wake up alarm with his meows. If that failed to rouse you for breakfast, then a flick of tail, a paw on the neck or a peck on the cheek was employed. Easygoing and friendly, Catalunya remained unflappable even when confronted by Barcelona's dog friends. He would sit calmly staring at them, his tail twitching. If a friend's large dog came toward his Barcelona, Catalunya jumped into protection mode, howling out a warning like a lion. Catalunya spent his life indoors, but he was fond of looking out the window at birds, or watching Jeff walk down the block on his way home. He loved to cat nap on a chair he claimed as his own the first 5 minutes it was in his home. Otherwise, he curled on a lap, most of the time Jeff's lap, where even papers, magazines or a laptop wouldn't hinder or compete with his comfort. Catalunya was a helluva kitty.

  Our cat, snowball, was always a big kitty. When we first got him, he was extremely afraid of humans. For at least 2 weeks, snowball didnt come out from under my bed. It was sad, and i felt bad for him, since all he would do if we came in to see him was sit under there, stare at us, and growl. We didnt know how old he was when we got him, since the previous owners had treated him horribly, leaving him in the basement w/ a HUGE pile of food and a litterbox. No companions.
  Eventually, snowball (our fatty catty) plucked up the courage to come out and come see his new owners/companions. We already had another cat, but they warmed up to each other just fine. Me and my mom and sister were really happy as well as relieved when he came out from under the bed.
  About 5 years later, we noticed that he had dropped a TON of weight, and we could feel his spine through his fur. We noticed that he was eating fine, except for that it was growing more and more difficult for him to eat dry food like our 2 other cats. We took him to the vet, and the vet confirmed that it was Hepititis, a liver disease. The vet also told us that there was nothing that we could do to help Snowball, but give him antibiotics. My mom didnt want to force him to live by making him take those horrendous pills that he hated having pushed down his throat by mom. So, he lived until my sister and I got home from our dad and stepmom's. He lived for about 3 weeks after we got home, until one sunday he quietly died in my mom's arms, w/ me and my sister around him.
  We miss you, Snowball, and to us, you will forever be in our hearts, and you will always be our Fatty Catty. Even Jade and Sushi miss you!!
  Love, Hayley, Lauren, and Amy
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I have a white cat whose name is Moon;
He eats catfish from a wooden spoon,
And sleeps till five each afternoon.

Moon goes out when the moon is bright
And sycamore trees are spotted white
To sit and stare in the dead of night.

Beyond still water cries a loon,
Through mulberry leaves peers a wild baboon
And in Moon's eyes I see the moon.
-William Jay Smith

Us c ats are amazing creatures and should be honored daily.