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Cat Memorials
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  This pet cat memorials section was created as a memorial to our beloved feline friends. Please submit your short comments and a picture by pressing the email button to the right.

PUNKY (April 1988 - Nov. 1, 2004)
  In Memorandum of the other sweetest heart I'll ever know....
  "Punky Bum"..... you came to me as a sweet little 8 week old kitten.
Abandoned and left on your own to survive outside where I lived at the time.
I was so alone and lonely, just like you sweet little boy. I saw you hanging around when I would come home from work and you looked so cute and happy and new those first couple of days.
I went to get you some food and put it in a dish for you outside and you ate like a hungry little tiger.
A few days later, I saw you outside laying in the low bushes. Usually in the days before, I would call you to come up to me and you would. Friendly little heart and soul. That third day when I called to you, you just lay there, looked up at me with that tired dirty little face from living outside for a few days, and meowed this heart wrenching long meow as you looked slowly back down to the ground still meowing. I was heart broken to see such a sweet baby crying for love and companionship. I picked you up and brought you home. Fed you (you were so hungry) then put you on my bed and lay there with you as you slept for 10 hours (poor baby). You loved how soft and cozy the bed was. I stayed there with you watching over you as you sleep for all those ten hours.
  The person who you were given to from your litter came home from his 2 week vacation and said he wanted his cat back (after abandoning him) and I said you were my cat now. I told him he'd have to try and take you from me and I was prepared to scare him off real bad. He saw that in my conviction to protect you....and he backed off.
You were my sweetest little boy ever since then. You lived a long time and had all the love and affection a sweetheart like you deserved and then some.
  I rescued you.....but you rescued me more. I was never lonely again. "Baby" came next year (I have his birth year wrong on his obituary was 1989) under pretty much the same scenario. We lived together the three of us for so many years as one happy family.
When you passed in November of 2004, I felt I had lost one of my children, because I did.
  There has been a hole in my heart ever since, and now that your brother Baby has gone to be with you this year, that hole is way too big to repair. I miss you so much.
  I hope you are in kitty heaven playing together like you used to when you were here with me.
Just like I used to tell you both, I love you forever.

Love, hugs and kisses, Daddy xo

  My mom had gotten us a new cat. A friend of hers from work had found a stray cat under her truck, but when she she tried to keep it, her other cats did not take to her very well. she asked around at work and since we had recently lost a different cat, my mom thought this would be a good opportunity to replace her. so, she brought home a tiny, jet black cat with a dab of whit on her chest. one of my sisters named her midnight. she was the prettiest little thing there ever was. she must have been abandoned by her mother fairly early, because she took to sucking on your fingers and any blankets she saw right away. she was very shy and skittish, although not entirely afraid, for several days. she eventually got used to our neighborhood
and us. when she was about 2 1/2 (we never knew her exact age) she had a litter of 5 kittens. it was really unusual. a black cat had 3 brown tabby kittens and two white and gray kittens.. we were pretty sure that the father was a brown tabby cat, but who knows? her
kittens were born while we were on vacation in maine, but we were prepared and we had her in a room where she could be comfortable and safe while we were gone. when we got back, she gave us the scare of our lives. neither she nor her kittens were in the room. we looked every where. and, eventually we found her in a closet in my room. kittens and all. after that she led a very normal life, raising her kittens, watching as three of them were given away, and watched as her remaining 2 sons grew and prospered. then, one night, we let her
outside, just like we usually did. only, in the morning she wasn't there. we put up sign for a lost cat, we called the shelter, we did everything. we never found her. when one of our neighbors saw our signs, she called and told us what she had heard one night. she said there had been a horrible scream, not one that a human could ever possibly make, but one like an animal in a horrible fight. like a cat in a horrible fight. we again called the shelter, but this time we asked them if they knew of any predators in our area. they did. coyotes stalked the powerlines around our neighborhood. they said that they would eat small dogs out and cats when they were out at night. so, we knew what had happened to our beloved cat.
To Midnight: we love you dearly, and you will always be in our hearts.
Love, carolyn, peggy, julia, mom, and dad
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"Cats are rather delicate creatures and they are subject to a good many ailments, but I never heard of one who suffered from insomnia."

We try to keep our chins up at rough times like this.
I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.
-Jules Verne

I'm wearing this silly hat just to make you feel a little better.

Don't you worry
Or don't you cry
You'll feel better
And here is why

No matter what
All things must die
But at least it lived
All happy and spry

You gave to it
No reason why
But unending love
And that's no lie

By: Mick
© cryin'ryan prods.
My condolences always

"The cat has too much spirit to have no heart."
-Ernest Menaul