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Cat Memorials
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  This pet cat obituaries section was created as a memorial to our beloved feline friends. Please submit your short comments and a picture by pressing the email button to the right.

Evee Nichols Kniep
(September 15, 1984 - March 22, 2006)
Friend and constant companion of 21 years died after a brief battle with oral cancer. Her favorite foods included nacho cheese Doritos and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Always a lap
cat, Evee loved having her chin scratched, cooed rather than purred, and spent many hours curled in my lap. At 21 1/2 years old, Evee could still jump up on the couch and climb over child gates. I think her little heart could have gone on forever. I know her spirit always will.
  From: Margie

This a little remembrance about our cat Cutie.  She was named by her first owner and held her name only because she fits the name so well.
  When I met Cutie many years ago I never thought I would end up with
her and her 3 other sisters.  But later on a few years later I became the proud mother of 4 lovely young ladies all properly named so.  Right after getting all four of them I had to put one of them down for Cancer.  She was a Rag Doll Beauty name Saki.  She was very small and quite.  Never bothered any one.
  It is now about 3 years later and we both are having to put this little black and white cow colored sweetie down because she also has cancer and is in her final days.  Ever since I have been with her she has been there as a side kick and a fighter when it came to anything including playing with her brothers Spaz and T.B. whom have joined us in the past few years.
  All we have to say is that Cutie you will be very much missed and loved no matter where you are.  We will never forget your cute looks and cute voice.  We will miss having you bat our legs when we walk by. 
  Cutie we will miss you.  We love you.

Sonny Boy (1985-1999)
    Son was a mean, wild cat that LOVED to stalk things. I grew up know not to touch the cat. I really did not like Son, But still he was my dad's cat and he loved that cat just as much as he loved me. On August 31, 1999 my dad passed away after battling with heart disease. 3 months later son was put to sleep. I strongly believe that Son and my dad are still together to this day.
    I never knew how much I loved that cat until the day I had to walk into the vets office with the cat in his cage. I cried as the vet took him into the back room. I still miss that cat a lot and no cat can replace Son. He was one of a kind, and he was a Grouch.
  We Love You Son, Mom And Nikki

Scamp Dyck (July 1987 - July 2006)
   My very beloved special kitty passed away July 19, 2006. I lived with her for 17 years. She was an awesome companion and no other cat could ever be compared to her. She was crazy and clumsy and always
brought joy to my life whether it was laughing at her fall into the garbage cans or lick my husbands toothbrush. I will miss coming home to her warm welcome. She was and is truly loved and will truly be missed. Good-bye my beautiful baby girl. Love always, Melanie.

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To err is human, to purr is feline.
-Robert Byrne
If a dog jumps in your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer.
-Alfred North Whitehead
"His amiable amber eyes
Are very friendly, very wise;
Like Buddha, grave and fat,
He sits, regardless of applause,
And thinking, as he kneads his paws,
What fun to be a cat!"
-Chris Morley