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Dog Memorials
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  This dog obituaries section was created as a memorial to our beloved canine friends. Please submit your short comments and/or a picture by pressing the email button to the right. All pictures have a larger version.

Hettie (    - January 2006)
  My two Babies - Bear is the Yellow and Hettie is the Chocolate. Unfortunately, Hettie passed away from a stomach tumor which was too far gone to save her :-( She was only 10 and Bear is a ripe ole 14 and
still in good health. She grieves some days more than others, but manages to continue to keep Mom company.
From: Lisa

  We knew that Great Dane's had somewhat of a short life expectancy, so it was inevitable that you would have to go so soon. 2 wks. after his 10 yr. birthday, we had to put down our precious 'big Duke'. He was born
Race's Marmaduke on 7/14/96. He was our protector, companion and best friend. I hope he understands that we had to do what we did. We love him and think about him daily and miss him unbearably.
Love, Mom, Dad & bubby

  I had two peek-a-poos - the father was Ashley and the Daughter was AJ. They were my children.
They both lived a very long life and had to be put down when they were over 18 years old. I miss them so much.
From: Terry G.

Montana 02/01/07

Montana died suddenly on the morning of February 1st 2007.He was a wonderful blue merle Australian Shepherd. He was only eight years old.He had had no health problems, was current with his shots,had monthly heart worm prevention,daily exercise,good food and much love. I was at work and my son called me in a panic saying he was taking Montana to the vet because something was wrong,he had let out a horrible wailing howl and when my son got to him in the next room he was just lying there. He had urinated on himself and did not seem to be breathing. He got him to the vet, but despite epinephrine and CPR my wonderful
Montana was gone.The vet suspects that it was a massive heart attack. I pray that up in Heaven he knows how much he is loved and missed.I know that some day I will see him again.I miss him more than I can express.


  Punto - a happy and kind cross breed as well as a much missed friend. Everybody loved him and he had love for everyone, dogs, cats or people. Missed by everyone who knew him. Loved to play and full of energy! Remembering our happy
times. Our first dog who will stay close to our hearts forever. xxx

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Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job.
- Franklin P. Jones

"Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog."
-Franklin P. Jones
A dog, of course.
Is musch better than a horse.
And here are the reasons why.
A horse may be taller.
But a dogs poop is smaller.
Although we give it our best try.
A dog is much brighter.
By nature are fighters.
We don't run away and then hide.
And last but not least.
We look better in a leash.
And that is no word of a lie.
By: Mick

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