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Dog Memorials
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  This dog obituaries section was created as a memorial to our beloved canine friends. Please submit your short comments and/or a picture by pressing the email button to the right. All pictures have a larger version.

Casey   (Oct. 5, 96-March 5, 07)
In memory of my beloved friend Casey who lost his life on March 5th. 2007 to a stomach tumor. Casey was not only a dog, he was my best friend, Casey did everything with me, he would only go outside with me, he loved being with me when I
fed my horses, ducks, sheep, he was truly an amazing dog, whom I will never be able to replace, nor would I want to.
Casey would sit on the couch with me, sleep with me, the house is so empty without you Casey.
Casey came into my life when he was 9 months old, in the 10 1/2 years he and I had a relationship that was so special. He was always there with me no matter what, his conditional love will never be forgotten.
I tried so hard to save Casey, but before I knew it he was very sick, and had gotten so skinny so fast, I did not know he had a stomach tumor until he passed away.
   Casey started vomiting and not eating off and on for a month, but he was the same Casey until the last 3 days of his life.
During the month long illness he ate off and on, the vet did every test there is to do, everything came back normal.
  The last 3 days of his life he was very sick and weak, it took everything he had to go outside with me and feed.
It was over a weekend, and I tried everything to get him to eat, all he wanted to do was lay in my garage on the cement floor.
On Monday I took him right down to the vets office, they opened him up and found the tumor, there was nothing they could do for my friend, then I got the call 3 hours later, Casey passed away on the operating table.
I never got the final good bye, that phone call changed my life forever, but I always have to remember that Casey knew how much he was loved, and I will never forget how much I loved him.
I wish more than anything I could have hugged him one more time, when I took him to the vets office that morning I had no idea I would never see him again, or even knew really how sick he was.
Everything that happend to Casey happened so fast, before I knew it I lost my best friend.

Pepper   (1995-97(?), May 4, 2007)
  She arrived with an unknown past, then soon began her life's work of creating a garden of love through her sweet and gentle nature. She was an elegant lady, even if she did regard the sidewalks as an endless buffet of
delightful smells and snacks. She will be missed.

Dakota   (March 07 - July 07)
Dakota was only 4 mothes old when she got parvo from a puppy next door and she fought for 2 days when she should have died sooner. She was a jack russell terrier.

  Angel was my baby. She was a full blooded Dachshund, she was two years old. Angel was my "guardian angel". She went to doggy heaven on Friday, August 3, 2007. She slept with me and my husband every night. Angel's death came while we
were out of town for supper. We were only gone for about two hours. When we arrived home she did not run out to meet us as usual. We assumed she was at the neighbors house playing with their dog. As night approached, no Angel. By 12:00 no Angel. The night was so long as we anxiously awaited her bark to come inside. After my husband left for work the next morning, I was out side calling her. I finally decided to check under our trailer with the flashlight and my worst nightmare happened. According to our local vet, her death was either from some vicious "unknown" dogs attack or she had been shot with a shot gun, due to the marks on her . I have cried so much today until my head feel like it's going to explode. I have a hearing loss in both my ears, and Angel would always let me know when someone was outside or knocking at the door. When my husband would leave for work, she was my extra set of ears. Time will heal out hurtful hearts, but I will never forget the "Angel God sent into my life.

Dee and David Googe
Metter Ga.

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Just making sure you're still okay.

This is a sad section.
That is very true.
But sometimes it can help.
When you feel a little blue.
It can remind us.
Of how lucky we once were.
They're always behind us.
That little ball of fur.

By: The Mickster
© DogFather Prods.

I explained to Saint Peter, I 'd rather stay here outside the pearly gates.
I wont be a nusiance, I won't even bark, I'll be very patient and wait.
I'll be here, chewing on a celestial bone,
no matter how long you may be.
I'd miss you so much, if I went in alone.
It wouldn't be heaven for me.

By: Unknown

At times like this...

Foes can become friends.
Rivals can become pals.
Enemies can become buddies.
But they console each other.
Like sister and brother.